What is a Uplighting?

“Uplighting” is one of the hottest trends for weddings and special events to set the mood or to enhance a room. Uplighting gets its name from the direction of the beams of light that are projected on to a wall or other surface. Several fixtures are placed at a low position around the perimeter of your room, at the bottom of a wall or a set of columns. The lights are pointed upwards so the corresponding beams highlight the wall and project to the ceiling. Use of our programmable lighting fixtures allows us to match the light to your theme color and helps set the appropriate mood for your event.

Why Choose Uplighting?

Uplighting will give your special event an elegant ambiance without costing a fortune. The effect can be quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color and dimension to an area.

DJ Alexander Entertainment can customize uplighting to meet your needs.

We are using the latest technology in uplighting with our cordless lights! No more ugly cords on the floor, which could be a hazard. Older lamps can’t get the same vivid colors vs. the technology of today. With the latest LED technology you have a choice of more bright vivid colors and the fixtures don’t get hot.

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